Alphas: Stronger Together!

stronger-togetherBrothers:Pi Upsilon Lambda’s (PUL) Reclamation and Retention Committee wants you to know that we want YOU back! Under the banner of “Alphas: Stronger Together!”, PUL’s Reclamation and Retention Committee is letting you know that IT’S TIME TO COME HOME! We need you and we don’t want to make this journey without you. So, PUL invites you to reclaim your rightful place in this House. Join us and be uplifted by the bonds of brotherhood while doing the important work of Alpha to support the Prince George’s County Community.

When you return, we promise that you will be inspired, empowered and enriched. We will inspire you with the infectious enthusiasm we have for service in general and specifically for the great work we do here in Prince George’s County. This Chapter is on fire and the work we do is reflected in the positive impact we have in our community. We will empower you by identifying your unique talents and skills and get you plugged in to a committee or project that will allow you to do what you do best. We will enrich you with a wealth of knowledge and experience shared among the brotherhood for you to draw on personally and professionally.

Brothers, the Jewels had you in mind when they founded this great organization and developed a vision for its continued growth. Remember the passion you felt as you made your way across the burning sands to stand in the light of Alpha. Reclamation is how we build the House and retention is how we maintain it. Without you, the House is in a constant state of disrepair. So, come back into the House where you belong. We will take care of you so that you can take care of others. Don’t delay any longer; make that move today to renew your membership. When we are a House united, we are Alphas: Stronger Together!

For assistance with renewing your membership, you can contact the Chair of the Reclamation and Retention Committee directly at: