Chapter Committees

Brotherhood Affairs Committee:

Bro. Craig Trower, Chairman
The Committee is responsible for facilitating and coordinating all of the Chapter’s activities related to the personal progress of its members and for fostering brotherly love and a fraternal spirit within the Chapter.


Constitution & By Laws Committee :

Bro. Daryll Butler, Chairman
The Committee is responsible for reviewing the Chapter’s Constitution and Bylaws, evaluating and commenting on any proposed revisions thereto, and recommending any proposed revisions to the Brotherhood. In addition, the Committee will be responsible for executing the chapter election process in accordance with The Constitution & Bylaws and traditions of the chapter. The Committee shall also hold a semi-annual refresher course for the Brotherhood regarding parliamentary procedure.


Educational Activities :

Bro. Jeffrey Holmes, Chairman
The Committee is responsible for planning and directing the operation of the educational activities and scholarship programs of the Chapter, including the implementation of the Fraternity’s National Programs, except where specified elsewhere.


PUL Alphas for Community Excellence (P.A.C.E):

Bro. Martrel Perry & Bro. Keith Alexander Co-Chairmen
The umbrella for our chapter activities focused on Community Outreach and Social Action. Our mission is to provide information and services to various communities within the Washington, DC Metropolitan area that help to create awareness, increase knowledge, and empower people to move their communities forward.


Marketing and Information Technology:

Bro. Michael Richardson (IT) & Bro. Seythe McCoy-Leffall (IT) Co-chairmen
Bro. Anthony Harris (Marketing) & Bro. Michael McCoy (Marketing) Co-chairmen 

Responsible for the maintenance and updating of the Chapter’s website and email groups. This committee is also responsible for the marketing of all Chapter functions.


Ways and Means Committee:

Bro. Kishawn Sutton & Bro. Brandon Buckner, Co-Chairman
The Committee is responsible for all of the financial matters of the chapter, including preparation and oversight of the chapter’s annual budget, the collection of chapter dues, and disbursement of chapter funds.

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