Pi Upsilon Lambda History


The Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter (PUL) of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated (Key # 652) was chartered at the 1993 General Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 1. The initial catalysts for chartering Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter were six financial Brothers of Kappa Epsilon Lambda Chapter: Brothers Alex C. Bailey, Raymond Blackstone, Thomas Brown, Sr., Robert Kirkland, Al Perrine, Sr., and J. Keith Wilson. They were joined by Brother James Henderson, a Life Member of the Fraternity, in the petition to establish a second Alumni Chapter in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Sixty-one Brothers became charter members of Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter, believed to be the largest number of charter members for a Chapter in Alpha history. General President Milton C. Davis and Executive Director James “Tiny” Blanton signed the charter establishing Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter. With the initial Chapter seat established at Brandywine, Maryland, the official chartering ceremony was held at the Non-commissioned Officers Club at Andrews Air Force Base on Sunday, December 12, 1993. The Chapter seat was later moved to Largo, Maryland.

Pi Upsilon Lambda’s primary focus has been on community service, education and scholarship. The Chapter annually conducts a college financial aid workshop attended by parents and students from across Prince George’s County. The Chapter also sponsors a mentor-tutorial program at various schools within the county, conducts voter education seminars and registration drives, participates in the Adopt-A-Highway program, provides food baskets to the needy on holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and assists with area and district implementation of Project Alpha and the A. Charles Haston Brother’s Keeper programs. In 1994, Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter established the Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Upsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation, a tax exempt non-profit organization, which provides scholarships to graduating high school students living in Prince George’s County who plan to pursue collegiate studies.

From its membership, Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter has provided leaders at the National, Regional and District levels of Alpha including an Executive Director of the Fraternity, an Administrative Director, a Director of Communications/Editor to the Sphinx, a Director of Membership Services, a Director of Educational Activities, and an Executive Director of the national Education Foundation. Brothers from Pi Upsilon Lambda have also served as Regional Director of Educational Activities and General Counsel. Three Brothers have served as Associate Area Directors for the District, three have served as Area Directors, and one Brother has served as the District Director. Currently members of PUL serve as the Mid-Atlantic Association of Alpha Chapters (MAAC) Alumni Vice President, Treasurer, and National Director of Membership Services. Also, a PUL Brother serves as the primary architect of the Martin Luther King Memorial which now sits on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

The first thirteen presidents of Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter were, in order of service, Brothers Alex C. Bailey, Ronald L. Anderson, J. Keith Wilson, Jeffrey J. Johnson, Keith L. Battle, Andre R. Watkins, Anthony Harris, Christopher Moore, Paul E. Brown, Duane J. Edwards, Frank T. Malone, Damian Taylor, James B. Massey, Jr. and Omar Boulware.  Brother Kevin Stewart currently serves as the fifteenth President of PUL.

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